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#tbt My Mom is the O.G. Chicana in the City

Lucy C. Rocha Born in 1950 Raised in L.A., Califas
The O.G. Chicana in the City! Where I get all my L.A. short cuts from, my storytelling and native remedies! My Mom is a Gem of LA! She is super funny and loves to dance! She's a hip Grandma!
Summer of 1972  Right after she got married
My Mom @ 14yrs Old Wearing the Beehive look! And featured on IG Veterans and Rucas!!
1968 in South Central at My Dad's Going away Party To Vietnam
 Modeling Headshot 1968
My Mom grew up all over L.A. The stories she could tell you! She is Mexican,  Native American (Isleta Pueblo) and of Irish Descent.
She is 1 of 10 Children, My Grandmother Aurora *Dora* had 5 Children from her 1st marriage and 5 Children from her 2nd marriage to my Grandfather Guadalupe, who was a Bracero and met my Grandma after arriving here to work on the railroads from Mixcoac, Mexico!
My Mother is a perfect combination of Mexican/Nat. American Descent!  Our Irish comes from my Great Grandfather, Estavan who is my Grandma D…

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